Neo Punk Girl

Neo Punk Girl- manically hopeful, quirky and humorous

It’s lonely out there

In this harsh world, Neo Punk Girl (NPG) is an NFT enabled community for women to support each other to stand up for themselves, listen to inner-children and pursue their dreams. The life becomes a playground in the NPG world. * NFT is a vehicle to establish a community of next generations and decades and decades to come- forever web3, long lived metaverse. ✌️


Be Kind: we are the worst critic to our inner-child. It’s easily said but hard to feel the alternative. It is a daily practice to be kind to oneself and others. We need to remind ourselves everyday, “you are precious and your dreams are precious.”

Phase 1: We Are Not Alone

We will launch 10,000 PFP NFTs to feature women artists across the world representing diverse culture, ethnicity, and esthetics to celebrate the beauty of the world. Join us now to leave your mark in the NFT community. Follow us on Twitter, and apply or nominate artists in our Discord. 🥳 We want to feature different art style made by women across the world! We will also have giveaways and drops, which will benefit the first 100 members.

Phase 2: Are you the Next NPG?

Each season, we sponsor talented women across the world in various industries, and share resources in the network to thrive. We host an event with a panel of successful women as mentors to select women as mentees to guide them. Panelists review the dreams, goals and plans. It doesn’t have to be a business. It can be artists installing an artwork, building a school, or raising children. We continue to release NFT collections to sponsor NPGs.

Phase 3: Education At Scale

We will work with AI engineers and scientists to create a new form of mentorship experience at scale. Imagine a AI bot who knows you really well. It’s always with you- metaphorically or literally. You ask, “what would you do in this situation?” It gives you an advice by processing content from multiple mentors. You apply lessons in various challenging situations smoothly and achieve your dreams with less mistakes.

Calling All Women Artists!

Join our Discord to apply to be our genesis PFP artists or nominate one. Let’s build the future of NPG together.



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Neo Punk Girl

Neo Punk Girl

Manically hopeful NFT community for women artists to support each other