Neo Punk Girl Founder Story

Credit: Piotr Wilk

Numbing Herself in the Game Industry

She always loved casual games, founded a mobile gaming studio called YayNinjas, which saw 3 million downloads in 2 months reaching Top Grossing №45 on iOS. She also devised a GTM strategy for the $3B franchise, and managed a new mobile game at NCSOFT leading 100 people development team. She has led teams to release and manage over 6 titles, 3 of them stayed above Top Grossing №100 in the US most of their lifetime. Often times, she was the only female in board rooms and business reviews. She ignored sexually discriminating, nasty comments at work saying it’s part of the game. She thought she felt home in the male centric environment just like the high school and the college. She was numbing herself. She was playing her role to fit in. Then she couldn’t do it anymore. After the divorce in 2015, her journey started to understand “ why am I not happy?”

The Journey to be Fully Oneself

She met therapists, coaches, learned how to just “hang out” with time and make friends with no reason. When she least expected, good things happened. She got married to the love of her life in 2021. Her latest day-long psilocybin journey in Jan 2022 really opened her up to meet the scared, confused and lost little girl in her. That little girl has been doing everything to be loved. Since she continuously seeking external approval, nothing was enough. she asked, “what do I do if I love myself? If I stop seeking external approval, what would I do?”

Life as a Playground

The essence of her life story comes in a form of play, a community to have fun and support each other. She believes that humor is a best teacher.

What is Your Story?

What’s the world you want to create and been afraid to admit? Let’s create together. Join our Discord to share your stories and give us feedback on genesis artwork. The first 10 members will get free 1 hour coaching from the Shinyoung. She is an investor, mentor and a tech executive for consumer products. She coaches startup founders and managers.



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Neo Punk Girl

Neo Punk Girl

Manically hopeful NFT community for women artists to support each other